Daily News: Stunning Sushi Bar


SUSHI YA, a Japanese fusion restaurants, has a stunning sushi bar, relaxing lounge, and mouth-watering hibachi.

This popular new eatery, with a wondrous kitchen, has become fashionable because of the excellent quality of the food and unique cooking techniques.

This is the essence of Japan with a definite fusion twist, with food ranging from sublime to divine. Open since the end of February 08, owners Chef Eric Leong, who has been in the business since he was 18 years old and comes from Macau, China, and the knowledgeable Paul Chong, are both dedicated to high of standards of quality and preparation. Sushi Chef Thomas, is a master of design and style.

No individual ingredient fights with another for precedence in any dish, but passively melts to form a superior taste. He remarked, “The value of nutrition in fresh fish, sushi, sashimi, steak and the freshest of vegetables are quite appealing.”

With a daily delivery of only top quality raw materials, they believe one should eat light, steam vegetables, use only the best oil, so veggies are crispy and nutritional and these practices are strictly observed. Sushi Ya is brightening up New Hyde.

Park’s dining scene providing a wonderful option for those who appreciate fine Japanese dining that dares to be different and with a choice of 20 enchanting Saki flavors.

From the finest Japanese imported Kobe Beef, that is truly a party on a plate, to a Chef’s Salad with tuna, sashimi, Yellow Tail and Black Caviar with a scrumptious Citrus Sauce, to kitchen specialties, steaming with delicious dishes and an overflow of sophisticated Eurasian soul they offer the unique combination of world fusion cuisine with all the warmth, charm and friendliness of a neighborhood spot.

The distinctiveness is with the layering of flavors and an extensive use of aromatic herbs. The aim, always, is to keep the Flavors separate and create a cuisine with a flavor all its own, a kaleidoscope of everything that I love on a menu. This has grown to be the new and HEALTHY comfort food. sure to please lovers of healthy, non-fattening, beautifully seasoned, Famous Four Star Dishes. The formula remains a winning one, excellent raw materials at affordable prices, served in a relaxed and convivial environment, sounds like a recipe for success to me.

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